Cemetery Info

Oak Grove Cemetery aka Glass Church Cemetery, Greeno Cemetery, Wegner Cemetery

The Little Falls Oak Grove cemetery is located a short distance south of the Wegner Grotto (Little Glass Church). It is administered by the clerk for the Town of Little Falls.
Please contact clerk for lot information.

Carr Family Cemetery

The Carr Family Cemetery is a quarter of a mile to the east. It has a half-dozen or so graves in a one-acre plot somewhat hidden among large trees on the northwest corner at the intersection of Highway 27 and Highway 71 (Tubbs Corners).

Cataract Cemetery

Cataract Cemetery is administered by the Cataract Cemetery Association. Contact Steve Mathews - 715-209-7920 or Marge Mattison - 608-633-4048.

Take State Hwy 27 to north edge of Cataract, then turn west on Basswood Road. The cemetery is about two-tenths of a mile on the left.

Printz Creek Cemetery

Printz Creek Cemetery is located at Cataract, Monroe County, Wisconsin. Contact Dale Jessie of 608-272-3359